How to Make a Slideshow Movie Using Free Tools?

Videos and movies get the most attention online.  

One of the easiest ways to make a promo movie of your startup is to use the free tools that are available on the web. Follow the steps below to make one for your startup. 


All you need to get started are some picture assets - like screen captures of your website, product, a mobile app and pictures of happy customers. 
Here is what you will need before you start:
  • Your logo and tag lines
  • Set of pictures: Pictures of your website, product, mobile app or application. Pictures of happy customers – real customers are better than stock images.
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Call to action text 
  • Audio loop music (optional) 
  • YouTube account (optional)

Movie Title

Write a few different titles for your movie.  A title is a combination of a main-title and a sub-title that typically conveys what your audience should expect to see. Set the stage with the title and lead the audience into the movie. When coming up with title texts, keep in mind search engines will index your title and make it easier to search.

A caption is something you are introducing or what you would want your audience to expect in the movie when they see the caption. Lastly, think of search engines and indexing. A good caption is always catchy and leading. 

For example:

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Create your storyboard

Arrange your assets to tell a story. An emotional storyline usually goes a long way in brand building and retention. 

Storyboard Steps

It is okay if you are unable to create an emotional story, just do the best type of arrangement possible.

Create your movie

You can use any number of ways to create a movie with pictures. One of the easiest tools is Animoto ( The free Animoto account is limited to 30-second videos that show their branding at the end. We like Animoto because it is a very easy-to-use tool even though it is very restrictive.

On Animoto (or any other tool), create a new movie and add the caption frame. On the caption frame enter your title. Set the duration to 3 seconds if possible (Animoto does not give you that control). Add all you assets to the movie and add a final “call to action” text slide.

Movie Steps on Animoto
Add your audio to the movie if you have an audio track. Many sites including Animoto and YouTube have a number of tracks that are available to add to your movie.
Here is the final movie timeline on Animoto -
Moupp Movie Storyboard
That’s it. Preview and Produce your movie. Animoto will email you when the movie is ready. You can either stream it straight from Animoto or you can export it to your YouTube channel.

See some of our movies at -

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